CTN 2014 (in pictures)

Me and My Heros

Me and My Heros

Eric Goldberg done a doodle for me :)

Eric Goldberg done a doodle for me :)

Interviewing Eric

Interviewing Eric

Thanks for these Etrela Lourenco!!

Thanks for these Etrela Lourenco!!

Spotlight Stories Panel

Spotlight Stories Panel

Song of the Sea screening and Panel.

Song of the Sea screening and Panel.

Whoop! Selfie with Tomm Moore :D

Whoop! Selfie with Tomm Moore :D

Lovely bumping into Podcast guest, Darren Butters

Lovely bumping into Podcast guest, Darren Butters

Mark Oftedal's class on Cartoony animation.

Mark Oftedal’s class on Cartoony animation.

Eric, doodling my doodle

Eric, doodling my doodle


Women in Animation Profile

The lovely ladies of Women in Animation Ireland asked me to answer some questions… Click on the image to peek inside my brain –

Profile WIA

Cartoon shots

Following up on the previous post, I thought I’d post the polished versions of my shots:

Thumbnail Animation (Planning)

Over the last three months, I’ve been working in this digital 2D medium to create little tests (… close to twenty so far) to combat my weaknesses in animation. Primarily stiffness and lack of strong graphic posing. With that in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of cartoonie tests trying to make every frame as different to the others as is humanly possible (while still making sense and being relevant to what’s taking place, the attitude etc). This was a stretch for my brain, and at first I found it excruciatingly hard. There were many re-takes… there was many of the same note… there were even tears (possibly from both sides, certainly from me!). But with the amazing relentless support of my Mentor, who wouldn’t give me an inch!… and made me do everything again, and again – and again… until I got it!! I feel like my way of thinking through a shot and planning has expanded. It’s still not easy, but I guess, I feel like I have more tools now to help me find the answers.

Here’s the latest three rough tests (I can’t draw beautifully regardless, but drawing on a Wacom didn’t help. So please forgive the crudeness of my drawings) – I will, over the next couple of weeks start blocking out the Take Animation and the Heavy Lift in CG, to go on my reel. Wish me luck!

Note, even in these tests, he still had some small revisions, that I have to tend to in CG – notes never end…

In order of completion –

Gesture Drawing

I have been working closely with my Mentor since April… he has a strong traditional background he’s been pushing me to draw LOTS… maybe one day I’ll post the atrocities I first handed up but for now, here’s some of my more recent assignments (1/2 minute sketches) – not that these are by any means good drawings. I’ll post a few rough animations during the week too, that we’ve been working on… just keeping the ol blog alive.

– – Click to enlarge – –

5 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 16 IMG_0423 Sketchbook_2

Quick Animation Test

Its been a while, since I shared any animation, so here’s a quick animation test I done with one of Animation Mentor’s awesome new Tribe rigs.
The animation was done ‘straight ahead’ with, no polish, using no reference… not even a single thumbnail. I’d been working on polishing my reel for a while now and using reference a lot in my iAnimate workshops, I just want to do something more on the wacky side and purely for fun.

*Go Team Tilly!*

A small, and wonderful team, got a really great surprise over the weekend… Tilly and Friends, my first venture as Animation Supervisor, won an IFTA from the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Animation! I feel so fortunate, to have been part of such an amazing team at JAM Media and to have worked on such adorable characters. One of the biggest and most fun learning experiences of my career so far! Here’s my favourite shot, that I got to animate on the show.

CTN 2013

Last November I had the good fortune to attend CTNX5! It turned out to be one of those energy charging drive-boosting experienced of my life. I love meeting people, and here I got to meet so many new friends, catch up with old ones and meet lots of friends and Mentors for the first time that I’d gotten to know through the online of Animation Mentor and iAnimate. AWESOME!

It was also the beginning of my side project – animation podcasts! First up is the incredible Keith Sintay, coming soon we have Ted Ty followed by Jason Ryan and Tal Schwartzman after that. But I’m not stopping there! I have a growing list of people I’ve wanted to ask which is getting ticked off progressively with people who have agreed – its trilling!

The big thing about CTN is how big it is – there is so much going on at any one time, it’s impossible to fit everything in! But here’s a portion of what I got up to on my weekend.

It was such an amazing learning experience. Pity it all went so fast… put I guess thats why I should post more. Looking back over the photos and thumbing through the ten pages of notes I took helped me be able to stop for a moment and smell the roses. After a crazy few months, this allowed me to catch my breath. I should… I will, post more often. I’ll leave you with a few inspring quotes I wrote down over the weekend –

Three Principles of Story – 1. Compelling Story 2. Believable World/Environment 3. Engaging Characters.’

Most common mistake on the rise in the industry – ‘Worrying more about style than substance… and as a result never finding their own style.’ — ‘Inexperienced people will go to making it move beautifully, but you need to push for the performance.’

What should you (you the view) do next – ‘Pick the thing you’re most afraid of, and do that!’

‘Keep it simple, but not boring’



Free Crits happening over on Twitter @kevanshorey

A few weeks back I had the immense luck to have won a Free Critique from the wonderfully talented and exceptionally kind Kevan Shorey at Dreamworks animation. He regularly opens some free time to critiquing peoples’ work. This time, I was lucky enough to snatch the spot and I highly recommend you follow him on twitter (@kevanshorey), for inspiration and to possibly snap up the next spot!

Here’s the video critique he done for me:

(If you see a message saying it’s private – Don’t worry. Click on ‘Watch on Vimeo’, and you’re all set! :)

Teaching at VanArts:

I discovered Van Arts when I first arrived in Vancouver last Sept to attend a master class organized by them. When I noticed the incredible talent teaching there, I quickly found my way back, visiting every few weeks. Always greeted with an open door and friendly faces. It was a place to find inspiration. They somehow saw fit to let me teach, last April – an experience that forced me to grow both as an animator and a person. I am privileged that Van Arts has spanned my entire time here in Vancouver. Today, is my last day teaching with these wonderful men and I am so grateful to them for the amazing experience. — at VanArts – Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

VanArts Crew

UPDATE: And a couple of photos of my students from the ‘Summer Intensive Animation Course 2013’,


A little blurred, but still fun –