Thumbnail Animation (Planning)

Over the last three months, I’ve been working in this digital 2D medium to create little tests (… close to twenty so far) to combat my weaknesses in animation. Primarily stiffness and lack of strong graphic posing. With that in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of cartoonie tests trying to make every frame as different to the others as is humanly possible (while still making sense and being relevant to what’s taking place, the attitude etc). This was a stretch for my brain, and at first I found it excruciatingly hard. There were many re-takes… there was many of the same note… there were even tears (possibly from both sides, certainly from me!). But with the amazing relentless support of my Mentor, who wouldn’t give me an inch!… and made me do everything again, and again – and again… until I got it!! I feel like my way of thinking through a shot and planning has expanded. It’s still not easy, but I guess, I feel like I have more tools now to help me find the answers.

Here’s the latest three rough tests (I can’t draw beautifully regardless, but drawing on a Wacom didn’t help. So please forgive the crudeness of my drawings) – I will, over the next couple of weeks start blocking out the Take Animation and the Heavy Lift in CG, to go on my reel. Wish me luck!

Note, even in these tests, he still had some small revisions, that I have to tend to in CG – notes never end…

In order of completion –


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  1. Awesome, I love seeing that it all begins with drawing…I still have that idea that there is no room for a pencil in 3d, but seemingly there is! It’s also interesting to see that you topped up and refined your shots in 3d retaining all the energy of the roughs. Very rare to see somebody actively seek out their weaknesses and non-comfort zones outside of work, I am still learning so much at work that I need a safe haven when I draw at home :D

    • 2D will always have a place, I think. I’m no good at it for sure… but it was great to learn how to rough out ideas in 2D quickly, scrap those and push the pose etc before going into CG, it was just way faster and I got more life into my work. I hope…

      Stopped by your blog too – really cool work!

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