Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Sandra grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons (mostly Warner Bros)  Disney and Don Bluth Movies. Her brother tells her she was never without a pencil in her hand and can’t remember a time she wasn’t drawing, on paper… in/on school books, the walls of the house, anything lead or crayon would stick to. However it wasn’t till she seen An American Tail that she realised this was what she was going to do for the rest of her life.

Time passed,  Don Bluth’s had closed and Animation in Ireland wasn’t something you could really do. Disheartened, after constantly been warned there’s no jobs and you would have to go to America – which at the time was an impossibility in itself! – she went to study Fitness Instruction and Massage Therapy at a local PLC College. Leaving that and having little more than a hobbyist interest in it, she bounced around jobs till landing a career as an accountant. Finally her decision was made to return to animation when she was offered a permanent position within the company. The thoughts of doing the same job day in, day out – forever!… the only thing she wanted to do all day, everyday was animate. She knew that she would be happier chasing the dream till the end of her days than doing anything else for a living. So she politely said thank you, moved home and went back to study animation at Ballyfermot College (now known as ISA) where she studied full-time for three years.

A year after leaving having still worked continuously day and night on her portfolio, she landed a job at Strandlooper Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland and hasn’t looked back since. Having traveled and spent wonderful years gaining valuable experience, met and worked with some of her animation hero’s. Now a  graduate of Animation Mentor, Sandra continues to strive for a greater knowledge of animation regularly taking courses in all relatable subjects. Currently studying at iAnimate … and teaches from time to time. 

Animation School



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