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CTN 2013

Last November I had the good fortune to attend CTNX5! It turned out to be one of those energy charging drive-boosting experienced of my life. I love meeting people, and here I got to meet so many new friends, catch up with old ones and meet lots of friends and Mentors for the first time that I’d gotten to know through the online of Animation Mentor and iAnimate. AWESOME!

It was also the beginning of my side project – animation podcasts! First up is the incredible Keith Sintay, coming soon we have Ted Ty followed by Jason Ryan and Tal Schwartzman after that. But I’m not stopping there! I have a growing list of people I’ve wanted to ask which is getting ticked off progressively with people who have agreed – its trilling!

The big thing about CTN is how big it is – there is so much going on at any one time, it’s impossible to fit everything in! But here’s a portion of what I got up to on my weekend.

It was such an amazing learning experience. Pity it all went so fast… put I guess thats why I should post more. Looking back over the photos and thumbing through the ten pages of notes I took helped me be able to stop for a moment and smell the roses. After a crazy few months, this allowed me to catch my breath. I should… I will, post more often. I’ll leave you with a few inspring quotes I wrote down over the weekend –

Three Principles of Story – 1. Compelling Story 2. Believable World/Environment 3. Engaging Characters.’

Most common mistake on the rise in the industry – ‘Worrying more about style than substance… and as a result never finding their own style.’ — ‘Inexperienced people will go to making it move beautifully, but you need to push for the performance.’

What should you (you the view) do next – ‘Pick the thing you’re most afraid of, and do that!’

‘Keep it simple, but not boring’