Its not all about animation… is it?

In an attempt to make animation not the only thing in my life I went off traveling… and somehow wound up on one of my greatest animation adventures I’ve had to date! Found lots of fantastic animation references, ideas… met with lots of animation masters, in short, I had a blast! But I barely animated the last couple of months… not for the want of trying but the sheer lack of access to electricity or a desk etc. My time away from work was a serious charge for my batteries and I’m back stuck into a new shot for my reel, news of that in a later post.
Here is what a battery charge looks like… in no particular order:

So after three wonderful weeks in Thailand, I have now moved to Vancouver!!


Animation Journey

I feel so privileged to have been a part of this amazing school! So when they asked me to tell my story, from student, to graduation, to Supervising Animator, I was only to happy to do so!

Alumni Tutor Q&As have started this week and I host one tomorrow, Thursday at the edited time of 9pm (GMT) Check your AM calender for your local time and pop in and say hi :)

Animation Mentor Journey

Some friends and I tell our tales about our time at Animation Mentor :) 

…BUT! My journey has not ended – I’ve been accepted as an  Alumni Tutor for this term, woohoo!!

The Aftermath

Awoke in Dublin to find her fairy-tale had ended. I had the most amazing two weeks my life! Thanks so much to everyone who who opened the doors to they’re studios, introduced me to amazing people in the industry & took time out to have lunch. I had such a blast with all the AMers, wow: just so fantastic to meet you guys after so long online, and discovering new friends too! Especially chatting with someone for ages only later to discover you knew them all along, like Zane – Awesome! I really appreciate haven been awarded most supportive student, I even got a little emotional. Its really something to know I helped and to have it return to me in that way :) And Uber thanks to Animation Mentor for nurturing believe in myself that dreams can come true. Here’s to our futures!
… and some more photos from my mind-blowing two weeks in the US.

There was so many to choose from! I had to just pick a few fun highlights… but you get the idea – I had a blast!


The day has come :) Here is a little taste of the lead up to the big event:


October 4th was my last post! What can I say, other than I’ve been busy animating! I’m now Supervising Animator on Jam Media’sTilly and Friends, its my first time supervising – double the fun! .. but also, double the workload.
I have the good fortune to work with super talented, experienced animators from Disney, Fox, Dreamworks and Bluth’s everyday is..well, just amazing :)

Jam Media is ten this Year – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAM!

Today is may last day in this fun filled office, for two weeks, as tomorrow morning I fly out to San Fransisco for the Animation Mentor graduation ceremony for graduating classes 21 (with me in it!) and 22. Will update here with news soon :) More regular feeds via twitter (@tinylilsandra).

See y’all soon!

AM Ends, Life Begins.

Animation SchoolIts a very strange feeling to have no deadline on Sunday… its been the aim of my week for the best part of 21 months!

Its also an odd feeling to be so sad to be leaving – as crazy as it was, the mad hours we’d all put in getting our assignments up each week and then finally creating a reel …all nighters where a regular event for most of us. I’ll miss skyping my friend Fiona Rivera ‘still awake?’ as we’d skype encouraging messages to keep eachother awake Saturday nights.

But I cant think of a more fun and inspiring way I could have spent my time.

Catching up with family and friends though, is proving a nice filler for that giant Animation Mentor sized gap in my life. Here’s a few highlights of the past couple of weeks;


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