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The Aftermath

Awoke in Dublin to find her fairy-tale had ended. I had the most amazing two weeks my life! Thanks so much to everyone who who opened the doors to they’re studios, introduced me to amazing people in the industry & took time out to have lunch. I had such a blast with all the AMers, wow: just so fantastic to meet you guys after so long online, and discovering new friends too! Especially chatting with someone for ages only later to discover you knew them all along, like Zane – Awesome! I really appreciate haven been awarded most supportive student, I even got a little emotional. Its really something to know I helped and to have it return to me in that way :) And Uber thanks to Animation Mentor for nurturing believe in myself that dreams can come true. Here’s to our futures!
… and some more photos from my mind-blowing two weeks in the US.

There was so many to choose from! I had to just pick a few fun highlights… but you get the idea – I had a blast!