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Quick Animation Test

Its been a while, since I shared any animation, so here’s a quick animation test I done with one of Animation Mentor’s awesome new Tribe rigs.
The animation was done ‘straight ahead’ with, no polish, using no reference… not even a single thumbnail. I’d been working on polishing my reel for a while now and using reference a lot in my iAnimate workshops, I just want to do something more on the wacky side and purely for fun.


*Go Team Tilly!*

A small, and wonderful team, got a really great surprise over the weekend… Tilly and Friends, my first venture as Animation Supervisor, won an IFTA from the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Animation! I feel so fortunate, to have been part of such an amazing team at JAM Media and to have worked on such adorable characters. One of the biggest and most fun learning experiences of my career so far! Here’s my favourite shot, that I got to animate on the show.